Shared stories heal.


In a world of epidemic loneliness, firehosed content, and overwhelming collective challenges, spaces to simply and authentically be together seem harder and harder to find. The internet has given us unprecedented access to a truly global network, yet we find ourselves scrolling and liking with no real sense of connection to the people on the other side of the screen. What we get instead are either semi-anonymous feuds of us-vs-them name-calling, or over-curated, neatly packaged vignettes that suggest life is all tropical vacations, great outfits, and kittens. It’s little wonder that greater use of existing social media platforms tends to correspond to increased loneliness and isolation.

From developing sustainable business operations to healing cumulative spiritual and emotional traumas, we are facing complex issues that require collaborative and courageous solutions. But they all share a simple first step: engaging with one another from the perspective of shared humanity.

By integrating regular practices of facilitated dialogue, both teams and individuals can learn to be and work together in ways that are authentic, meaningful, and impactful. So whether you’re looking to drive your team’s engagement and innovation, or simply searching for a place to belong, we invite you to join a community of people committed to holding the space that’s needed to grow.

We'd love for you to join us.

Are you a space holder, facilitator, or community manager looking to connect to others or grow with an online platform?

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