Thank you for being here – and for all you already do to make space for change. We invite you into the current projects the FeelReal Team is incubating and launching. These two projects are from Spaceholders who are shifting the narrative of love and healing:

LATE LOVE is the 754-mile Pilgrimage from Chicago, IL, to Montgomery, AL, that Rachelle Zola is walking for racial liberation and radical love. Andy Swindler and Rachel Zargo, FeelReal co-founders, are partnering with Rachelle to launch this initiative as her marketing, production and PR agency. FeelReal is hosting Community Circles every other Friday at 11am CDT. We'd love to see you there! Register for free to join.

The Heal Together Coalition is an initiative sparked by and produced by Andy Swindler of FeelReal. This coalition is a community of hundreds of folks currently centered around the Israel-Palestine conflict. The goal is to reveal each other’s humanity so that we may take small steps toward coming together to realize our one shared humanity. Stay up-to-date on the next Gatherings at

Are you looking for marketing, PR, business and partnership development for a project that has the power to transform our world through love and healing? Let's talk.


Imagine a world where we all have the space and skills to meet each other with empathy, mindfulness, and trust—where everyone is included and no one is afraid to be themselves.

We believe this world is not only possible but within reach—and now, more than ever, we should be reaching.

This means going beyond the surface-level interactions that dominate our culture, beyond initiatives that emphasize compliance, and beyond the tendency to value productivity over humanity. It means slowing down and taking the time to practice being good friends, neighbors, and co-workers; it means making space for each other.

It’s an idea that’s radical in its simplicity. These social-emotional skills aren’t “soft” or “nice-to-haves”—they’re the foundation of a sustainable and inclusive society. They’re the building blocks of good relationships and are essential for collaboration, innovation, and organizational health.

The platform we are building is rooted in that simple idea: A social learning network that supports our emotional wellbeing by training us to support those around us. Led by a community of expert Spaceholders, we make space to learn and grow through experiences that lower stress, deepen relationships, and promote the development of truly inclusive communities.

The social-emotional skills needed to transform ourselves, our organizations, and our world are not always easy, but they can be developed like any skill through time and practice. Learning the truth about injustice and inequality is one thing—and an important one—but facing that truth and each other with grace and vulnerability is what really makes space for change. This can only be done in a supportive community where everyone is included and ready to do the work together. That community is called FeelReal.

We know that business infrastructure can be a powerful force for change. That’s why we’re partnering with courageous companies for unique pilot opportunities.

What participants are saying

"After participating in FeelReal, I feel confident that I can listen and talk about race with people in meaningful and constructive ways that lead to specific actions."

"Everyone was so warm and welcoming. I learned some things and it was interesting to see how similar my experiences were to people from different cultural backgrounds."

"FeelReal is really different than anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s blowing my mind!"

"Being able to see from other people’s lenses is so important. I really appreciate FeelReal, especially as it forced me to see things differently than the lens I was looking through on my own."

"I really appreciated this space and being able to share it with everyone. It was my first circle, and it felt so safe and welcoming. Thank you!"

"These are great sessions. I like the format with everyone being asked to contribute. Looking forward to the next one!"

"After participating in FeelReal, I felt relaxed and appreciative that many of us are feeling and dealing with the same things."