FEELREAL is a social learning network that convenes expert Spaceholders and connects them to the individuals & organizations that need them. We develop social good projects from our network by offering services including production, marketing, PR, tech support and partnership development.

Rooted in the principles of restorative justice, we expand opportunities for meaningful dialogue and community-building to deepen relationships and advance the goals of inclusion, mindfulness, and social wellness within and across public and organizational settings.


A SPACEHOLDER is a unique kind of facilitator who creates interactive and deeply engaging experiences optimized for mindfulness, inclusion, and social-emotional wellness. They go beyond training to provide safe space to practice and integrate skills.


Holding space for the magic of human connection.



A just and sustainable world where authentic relationships are the cultural priority for humanity.

In this world, we all have access to experiences that fulfill our fundamental need for supportive community.

Together we slow down and heal the trauma of unjust systems to co-create a joyful future of holistic wellbeing.

In a word—liberation.



Interdependence—Recognize that we are all connected. Stand in solidarity and work toward accessibility, dignity, and liberation for people and planet.

Community—Commit the time, energy, and space to build authentic relationships through every interaction. Embody interdependence in collaborations.

Compassion—Know that everybody you encounter holds trauma. Care for your own energy to be in a place to see and hear people fully with kindness.

Accountability—Be explicit & speak your truth. Stand in integrity with your agreements. Act with intention, own your impact & approach any harm restoratively.

Emergence—Be curious and open to change. Nourish yourself with play and joy. Trust that personal and global transformation are possible.



By holding brave & safe spaces for facilitated, small group conversations that nurture the presence needed to unlearn and confront real harm, people are supported in moving through emotional trauma to sustain and expand the collaboration required for individual, collective, and planetary flourishing.


Meet the Team

Andy Swindler (he/his)

Co-founder & Chief Empathy Officer

Good Reads: All About Love: New Visions by bell hooks
Album Picks: Release The Stars by Rufus Wainwright
Favorite Ice Cream: Oat of This Swirled
Website: andyswindler.com

Rachel Zargo (she/hers)

Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer

Good Reads: The Tiny Chef: and da mishing weshipee blook by Rachel Larsen, Adam Reid, Ozlem Akturk
Album Picks: Illinois by Sufjan Stevens
Favorite Ice Cream: Coffee
Website: zargoworks.com

The FeelReal Co-founder heart trust draws from more than 70 years of combined experience in marketing entrepreneurship, change management, organizational culture, event design/management, high-performance teams, community organizing, software development, digital marketing, PR, implementation, event production, systems thinking, nonprofit program development, mutual aid, restorative justice & diversity/equity/inclusion (DEI).

Our formal training includes Spaceholding, virtual facilitation, mindfulness, business administration, conscious leadership, purpose/values/culture, art direction, consulting, executive/group coaching, collaborative governance, design thinking, sales, hospitality & nonviolence.


Ryan Bell (he/his)

Co-founder & Chief Strategist

Good Reads: Human Acts by Han Kang
Album Picks: One From the Vault by the Grateful Dead
Favorite Holiday: Halloween/Day of the Dead

Dena Wiggins (she/hers)


Good Reads: The Art of Holding Space by Heather Plett
Album Picks: Anything Stevie Wonder
Movie Night: The New Corporation or The Color Purple