Let's make space for Empathy & Inclusion

Empathy is the single most important leadership skill, according to current research, yet it remains harmfully lacking in many organizations—even as 96% of employees say it is essential for retention and engagement. This is because programs specifically designed to advance social-emotional skills are few and far between. Most Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) efforts are likewise falling short because they offer little to no space for vulnerable dialogue, practice, and integration.

Today, stress is high and employees are rightfully losing patience for jobs that make them feel “undervalued and unheard”. It is imperative that leadership especially learns how to have and hold tough, nuanced conversations in inclusive and respectful ways.

For those organizations ready and willing to put their people first, there is immense opportunity for real solutions that finally integrate employee wellness, engagement, and inclusion efforts as the single cultural challenge they really are—a challenge rooted in the most fundamental aspects of how we interact and relate as people.

The solution isn’t common, but it is simple: Let’s make space to practice more mindful, intentional, and inclusive ways of being and working together. That’s what FeelReal can do for your people.

Step One

We activate our vetted community to match you with the right Spaceholder(s) for your goals.

Step Two

Your dedicated Spaceholder(s) convene people in weekly Communities of Practice.

Step Three

Your people become more empathetic, inclusive & engaged by practicing social-emotional skills.

Our review process provides data-driven recommendations for next steps & further training to expand impact, including beta access to the FeelReal platform.

Is FeelReal a good fit for your organization?