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At FeelReal, our mission is to serve spaceholders like you so that you can serve in a world in need. By integrating the best of marketplace, event, and community management technologies for real-time, online connection, we’re co-creating a new kind of platform that amplifies and empowers the art of holding space for collective good.


As a founding member, you’ll be directly supporting the development of the features most requested in several rounds of research, interviews, and pilot programs. You’ll also be helping us invest even more in the marketing efforts needed to grow the community and make participants and clients aware of these services.


Our development roadmap is based on a tiered approach. As a founding member, you’ll receive top tier membership at less than half the full cost—and you’ll be guaranteed this discounted rate for as long as you choose to maintain it.




  • Public gatherings will always be accessible on a pay-what-you-feel basis
  • Non-members will be able to list offsite gatherings on the calendar as affiliates

Tier 1: Explorer

  • All free benefits
  • Invitation to weekly community gathering, Sanctuary for Spaceholders
  • Personalized profile, ability to host gatherings, and earn by holding space
  • Access to direct support through our Community Management team

Tier 2: Navigator

  • All benefits from previous tiers
  • Spaceholder dashboard to enable micro-community development and cross-pollination
  • Ability to upload, download, and share resources across the community
  • Access to trainings, partners, and resources for ongoing learning and growth

Tier 3: Ambassador

  • All benefits from previous tiers
  • Access to marketing support, including featured gatherings, social promotion, and more
  • Invitation to help design apprenticeship and mentorship programs
  • First opportunities to fulfill contracts to hold space for organizational clients
Payment Options