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Creating Online Aliveness

June 10, 2020 - June 13, 2020

Right now, all of us who have been doing deep, intimate, and transformative work one-on-one or in groups are forced to go online. But many are also realizing that you can’t just do online what you are used to doing in person to create trust and connection. It takes a different awareness to create a deep experience together.

As soon as we realized how many of our friends and fellow travelers were hitting the wall of the screen, we wanted to offer our help. For the past 25 years, we have been experimenting with ways to come together deeply over long distances and developing practices of “interbeing” or “intersubjectivity” (meaning: between us). Some call it We Space, and we call it either the HigherWe or emergent dialogue.

And because we were connected with people around the world, we had to use technology. First, we used telephone conferencing, then Skype, and now Zoom. We aren’t tech experts (and this course is not about the technical aspects of using video conferencing). But along the way, we have developed the ability to bring the online experience alive and catalyze a new co-creative potential. We’d like to share this with you. We hope it helps you to do deep work with others at this time of upheaval.

We are offering this mini-course for free as our gift to our larger community of like-minded change-makers during this crisis. Quite a few people we know who work for themselves have found all of their work disappear! Supporting each other at this time is important. And if you have the means, you can make a gift to us–we would be happy to accept donations now or in the future to support our work.

Finally, another reason why we want to offer this to you for free: You are needed. At this time of confusion and chaos, where so many feel isolated, the work of coaches, change agents, organizational consultants, psychologists, and therapists of all kinds is desperately needed. The discovery of intersubjective coherence and wholeness is both healing and activating to those who experience it.

The future needs you and the work you do. We want to help.


June 10, 2020
June 13, 2020
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