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The Embodiment Space: Mesentery and Uterus

July 30, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm CDT

Intuit: Somatics to Cultivate Your Intuition

The mesentery is incredible, and I am so excited to share more about it in this week’s session of the Embodiment Space.

And if you were born with a uterus and cervix (and even if you weren’t) then you need to know about the mesentery. 

Before I begin:

1)Anatomy doesn’t create gender.

2)If you weren’t born with a uterus and cervix this is still important.

3)If you’ve had your uterus and/or cervix removed you can still understand and experience the support of these structures.

I’m speaking to those of us born with uteruses right now because the uterus is a miracle. Whatever your personal opinions are on birthing children, the complexity of the uterus is a miracle.

And yet typically the uterus is an afterthought. Cis-male anatomy is the default and the function of the uterus and cervix is falsely limited to childbirth and overly pathologized.

So let’s talk about why the mesentery and the uterus are so important to one another, and why you should care.

There are many reasons these structures are important in their own right, but together they offer deep support to the spine. Without that support we lose ease and fluidity of movement. Without it, we can have shooting pains in the low back, hips, and legs, numbness in our legs, incontinence, trouble conceiving, digestive issues, and any injury we endure will be slower to heal.

But with the support of the mesentery and the uterus, specifically the broad ligament of the uterus, the mesometrium, oh my goodness. Everything is better. Muscles glide more, the spine slides more, pain finds ease more often and more readily.

I am not saying if you are in pain it’s only because you don’t have support of the mesentery, or the mesentery and uterus if that’s your anatomy. I am saying no matter what, your body will benefit from careful attention given to these incredibly and essential structures.

The body always repays our attention with ease and wisdom.

Your body wants ease. Your body is always on your side. Giving your attention to these structures that are too often ignored or pathologized will give you essential insight into what your body needs for health and healing because the body has the answers your mind is looking for.

I’m offering a free community class open to everyone. All genders are welcome.

We will be primarily exploring the mesentery, which I consider to be the organ of intuition and the heart of the belly. I’ll explain why I call it this in the session.

But really, we can’t explore the mesentery without also exploring the uterus – and even if your anatomy doesn’t include the uterus and cervix, we all grew in one, so this is important for all of us.

If you were born with a uterus and cervix, I particularly recommend you check this out. When I say this can create a sea change in the awe and comfort you experience in your body, it’s not hyberbole.

This Friday we’re gathering for The Embodiment Space, the free community session I offer every month.

I’ll be sharing what all this means and how you can increase the softness and strength of your belly via the mesentery – and in doing so, increase your intuition.

It’s some of the most primal and essential magic I know.

In our hour together:

  • You’ll learn simple, accessible ways to access the support and inner wisdom of the body.
  • We’ll talk about the context for why something as simple as breathing in a certain rhythm can create the necessary foundation for social change.
  • And because nervous system co-regulation works even over video conferencing, we’ll leave feeling more woven into community with others who are also committed to growing the future.

We’ll meet for one hour. The recording will be provided if you can’t attend live.
This session is open to all

The Embodiment Space holds a commitment to decenter whiteness and the cis-heteropatriarchy.


We’ll meet on Friday, July 30th, 2021
12-1pm PST | 2-3pm CST |  3-4pm EST(Here’s a link to a time zone converter if you don’t live in these time zones)

This session is free, and the recording will be shared with all who register.


If you would like to invite friends, you can send them to


July 30, 2021
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm CDT
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