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Embodiment Space: Radicalize the Hive

January 21, 2020 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CST

What honeybees can teach us about regenerative social organizing

Featuring Ang Roell, queer beekeeper & organizational consultant


The animals are the ones offering the most generative solutions.

From wombats offering their underground dens as fire shelter, swans working to clean plastic out of lakes, and hermit crabs organizing within their community to make sure everyone has a house that fits, animals are proof that we can live in mutually beneficial ways.

There’s a lot to grieve about the conditions in which the animals have to survive. In every oil spill and fire, the images of the animals suffering are a straight punch to the gut.

And we know honeybees are suffering.
But honeybees have a lot to teach us.

In this month’s session of The Embodiment Space, we’re joined by Ang Roell – they/them pronouns – who works as a beekeeper and mentor to other beekeepers, is an organizational consultant, writer, and queer activist.

They will be sharing with us parts of their upcoming book, Radicalize The Hive, which explores the ways honeybees can offer insight into how we can grow generational systems for a future that is sweet and nourishing.

If you wish to invite friends, they can register here: www.abigailroseclarke.com/space

The session is recorded, but for those who attend live there is a Q&A section that will not be recorded, so we can get vulnerable and into the good stuff together.

I hope to see you there


January 21, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CST

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