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The Gathering for Change Agents w/Abigail Rose Clarke

October 7, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm CDT

What do you feel when you are confronting the complex injustices of the world?

As a change agent, it’s critically important for you to embody your work to make a world that works for everyone, both for your own wellbeing and for the sake of being more effective in your work.

When you’re in the body, you have more space to respond vs. react. We need to create more space in the time we have.

Going into the body is a way to create space without taking time. This isn’t just about feeling “calm.” The moment we don’t feel into our body is the moment external forces come in and take charge, compromising our ability to make purposeful change from a place of love.

Our guest will be Abigail Rose Clarke, who uses the body to dismantle oppressive systems.

Utilizing strategic, somatic methods, her work creates lasting change in our personal and professional lives, rippling out from individual to systemic change. By helping people truly inhabit their own skin and blood and guts and bones she offers a way to re-enter into true relationship with the world.
As the developer of The Embodied Life Method™, Abigail teaches embodiment as a practice and a responsibility. As the world changes so dramatically we are tasked with the enormous responsibility of remaining present to the world as it is, which requires we remain present to ourselves as we are. From here, the way forward becomes possible.

Her work is enormously influenced by her study and practice of Embodyoga® of which she is a senior teacher, as well as her background as a trained scientist.

You can learn more about Abigail’s work and approach here: www.abigailroseclarke.com

Here is what you’ll receive by attending this gathering:

  • Tangible and effective methods for being in your body to create more space, since you can’t manufacture more time
  • Practices to embody the inevitable missteps that occur when moving through the world as a change agent rather than be defensive about them
  • Context about the history of our current culture, its unjust roots and how to navigate it with love and grace to ensure dignity for all in a truly transformed world


October 7, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm CDT
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