Meeting design and personal presence are more than 50% of any great virtual meeting.

What is the “secret sauce” of any meeting? YOU. Who you are, as you lead or gather or connect with the people in your life.
What is the “secret sauce” of a great virtual meeting? The ART OF CONVENING, the technology of relationships + ZOOM, the technology of connectivity.

“What makes virtual gatherings successful? We’ve had to move several important gatherings onto a virtual platform. People are complaining about what it is like to be on these kinds of calls where everyone is talking over each other, and there seems to be chaos. Help!”

Based on our 15+ years of convening powerful meetings and gatherings virtually, Great Virtual Meetings™ teaches the art and science of designing and leading virtual meetings and conversations that are inspirational, productive and transformative.

The ART OF CONVENING helps you design and focus the purpose and intent of each meeting to co-create for the highest possible outcome for each participant, and deliver the impact and results you each want.
ZOOM offers an amazing array of resources and features to bring that to your people virtually.