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HUNGRY (Part 1): How the Tarot Can Feed an Embodied Revolution

July 30, 2020 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm CDT

Tarot tells two stories.


One we are familiar with.

The other we are hungry for.


In one story, the Tarot tells the future.

“Will I fall in love?” we ask.

“Will I be successful?”

“Will everything turn out the way I want?”

When we limit the questions and use the Tarot to “tell the future” we lock ourselves out of the stories the Tarot can provide.

When we liberate the Tarot from these limited ideas of what the future can or should hold, then the Tarot tells a different story.


The Tarot can tell a story of the soul’s development. A story of challenges met, or left unmet. A story of actions and consequence.

Stories nourish. Stories heal. And the Tarot offers us stories that do both.

The Tarot, used with care and discernment, offers us ways to feed the embodied revolution.



This session of The Embodiment Space is a little different than most.


This month, we’re going to explore the Tarot, and how the Tarot tells a story.

More importantly, we’re going to explore why those stories matter.


We’ll explore the archetypes of the Major Arcana, and of the four suits of the Tarot – cups, wands, swords, and discs.


In session one on Thursday, we’ll explore the stories the Tarot can tell us.

We’ll examine how the Tarot can be used to uphold antiquated models rooted in oppressive systems, and importantly, how it can be used to offer new insights and models for relationships.

And we’ll explore how we can use the Tarot to ask those classic questions about new jobs and new lovers and about the future we either fear or long for – but how we can root those questions in revolution, and ground those questions in our collective liberation.

At the end of the first session on Thursday, you’ll pick a card from the Major Arcana – the 22 archetypes that begin with The Fool and end with The World.

Without telling anyone which card came up for you, take the night to explore the meaning of that card. Meditate with is, journal about it, look at various versions from multiple decks (google will give you copious images to look at even if you don’t own a deck yourself).

Take the night to immerse yourself in this archetype.

Who is this for?

These sessions are for anyone curious about the Tarot – whether you have extensive experience, are just beginning to explore, or you don’t know anything about it but you would like to get started.

No matter your experience with Tarot, this session will offer embodied ways to approach the richness that lives within this practice. You’ll leave this time with your hands and heart filled with the seeds of all the stories the Tarot has to tell you.


July 30, 2020
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm CDT
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