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Somatics for the Apocalypse 2.0

October 30, 2020 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm CDT

These are some wild times.


And it can feel like time is simultaneously folding in on itself, and stretched to almost a standstill.


Here we are, months into a global pandemic, and just days away from the close of an election that literally the entire world is watching. We’re navigating economic and climate collapse, without any of our normal supports in place. In times when a hug feels dangerous, how are we supposed to find our center when everything seems to be falling apart?

Here’s the thing: the body has the answers our minds are searching for.

And the body is always doing its absolute best to support us, and to be in a healthy relationship with the world around us.

But even that is a story we don’t get told. Instead, we’re taught that the body fails us by getting sick, that we are weak for not being able to handle all this, and that the “right” choice is always to just push through.


In the list of things 2020 has taught us, let these rise to the top:

Rest is sacred. Our bodies are wise beyond belief. And “thinking” through our problems is not enough on its own.


We have to remember how to feel what we feel, as we feel it. We have to remember how to be in relationship with the world, and with one another.


And in a year with so much intensity, and so many unknowns still awaiting us, we have to learn how to respond to the unknown, rather than react to it.

Because reacting will only get us where we’ve been. And we need to move into the future, together.

Luckily, the body can show us the way.

The body does this in our own cellular memory. The body does this in our own current physiology.

When we return to inhabit the body, we become more awake and alive, and it is our awake aliveness that will carry us through.

This is Somatics for the Apocalypse.

On Friday, October 30th, just as the moon is growing into full, we’ll meet for a conversation on what it means to return to the body, and importantly: how we do it.

  • You’ll learn simple, accessible ways to access the support and inner wisdom of the body. 

  • We’ll talk about the context for why something as simple as breathing in a certain rhythm can create the necessary foundation for social change. 

  • And because nervous system co-regulation works even over video conferencing, we’ll leave feeling more woven into community with others who are also committed to growing the future. 


October 30, 2020
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm CDT

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