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Compassionate Masculinity: Transforming the Paradigm

February 4, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CST

It’s time for us to shift the conversation and narrative on Masculinity. By now, we’ve heard the terms: Toxic Masculinity, Healthy/Unhealthy Masculinity, Integrated/Unintegrated Masculinity. Implicit in these terms is often this idea that we need to fix something that is broken.

As Compassionate Bridge Builders, where we meet people where they are, there are a number of questions that we can begin to ask ourselves as we explore the topic of Masculinity:

  • What if we explore masculinity through a different lens that goes beyond dualistic (right and wrong/good and bad) thinking?
  • What becomes possible when we infuse the construct of masculinity with compassion?
  • What if we moved from this idea of fixing something that’s broken to a conversation around compassionate healing?
  • What if we took any judgment out of the conversation and became curious about our own relationship with masculinity and our masculine and feminine energies within regardless of our gender identity and expression?
  • What if we fearlessly examined where we might have some strong reactions to, or might be triggered by, these concepts, constructs, or the language itself?
  • And, what if we came together and embraced the transforming power of love and compassion within ourselves and each other as we get curious and explore these topics in deeper ways?

During the session, I’ll will guide us through an exploration of some of these questions and share my perspective on this paradigm shifting conversation that I believe is essential for healing and transforming our world. I’ll offer insights from multiple lenses (personal transformation, organizational and societal systems change, and a spiritual perspective).

I’ll also introduce emerging ideas from my upcoming TedX: Compassion Makes the Warrior, and my upcoming book, When the Black Bear Sings: The Healing Journey of a Compassionate Warrior. Throughout the session, I’ll engage you with thought-provoking questions and discussions as we collectively explore a conversation that has been explored for years, but through a new lens and emerging paradigm.


February 4, 2021
11:00 am - 12:00 pm CST
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