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The Gathering for Change Agents with Tor Eneroth

March 3, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm CST

Tor Eneroth
2021 is off to a loving start! Last month we introduced this year’s theme: “Agents of Love; Weaving the Tangled Threads of Irreconcilable Differences.” This led to rich sharing about the complexities and paradoxes contained within our perception of these differences between us, and bolstered our collective wisdom about our roles as agents of love.
Next Wednesday, March 3rd, Tor Eneroth will lead us in a discussion about Values that will support us in doing some of the internal work to ready ourselves as agents of love. We’ll take a close look at how we determine and advocate for our own needs through the lens of values and how we view others using those same value lenses.
In order to prepare for the discussion, we invite you to take the free Barrett Personal Values Assessment and answer the first question in the self-study section of your results. Tor will reference the Barrett framework, which is a 20-year-tested body of work to measure the focus of our priorities at any given point in time.
Tor Eneroth lives in Sweden and is the Director of Cultural Transformation at Barrett Values Centre (BVC). He works in this organisation because he believes that organisations work better when leaders are focused on building conscious, values‐driven cultures for the benefit of their people and all society.
Tor’s core values are Continuous learning, Trust, Making a difference, Future generations and Compassion. He specialises in practical application of transformation of consciousness through values with leaders and within business and in society at large.
Tor has worked 15 years as Culture Manager in two international companies, SCA and Volvo. Alongside this he has also consulted many other organisations in their cultural transformation journeys in all contents of the world, especially Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East and Asia. He has written many practical books to support the network of facilitators and leaders. Available titles are “The Dynamics of Change – Reflections on the human side of leading people through organisational change” and “Get Connected – A practical guide to grow a desired team culture” and “Transforming Culture In Larger Organisations – Key learnings, experiences and case studies”.
Tor’s deep research, experience-based understanding of the topic of values globally, and his engaging style are sure to inspire engaging conversations and new insights that will help us on this journey of bridging differences and seemingly irreconcilable divides.
Our core values don’t change, but when faced with seemingly irreconcilable differences that invoke fear, the focus of our values in the moment can change considerably—often leading us to lean into more self-interested types of values. This shift creates a new story to make sense of our altered perception. When the world becomes more complex, we tend to become more individual.
There are many forces that influence our perception, including powerful external elements like mass media, which are often an exaggerated or one-dimensional version of reality. This fire is further fueled by social media algorithms that keep us in narrow reality bubbles to reinforce preexisting beliefs and biases.
So how do we, as agents of love, remain grounded in our values?
And how does being grounded in our values help us to meet differences through a lens of connection and reconciliation?
On this call we will:
  • Learn about the relationship between our personal values and our perceptions of the world
    Explore how values can be used to find common ground across differences and build bridges at the level of the heart
  • Hear about values and cultural research from Tor and Barrett at a global level to broaden our perspectives
  • Dive into the nature of love and its opposite: judgment
  • Explore how we as individual change agents relate to interconnected global systems of change
  • Continue building our own relational context as a community of change agents as we weave our stories together

Again, in order to best prepare for the discussion, we invite you to take the free Barrett Personal Values Assessment and answer the first question in the self-study section of your results.

We’re excited about exploring the inner landscape of values with Tor and with you—to ground ourselves as agents of love. Let’s share our stories and learn from a world leader of love.
Join us on March 3, 2021:
Event: The Gathering: A monthly community call to support change agents in fulfilling their mission to create a better world
Date: Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Times: 12 pm Pacific time, 3 pm Eastern & Colombia, 10 pm Israel,
8 pm GMT, 7 am (Thursday) Sydney
Call length: 90 minutes
Cost: None!
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Missed a call? Curious about what else you might learn from our previous speakers? You can always listen to the audio archives. The entire collection of audio archives from eight years is available to nurture your purposeful journey.
In service to a world that works for everyone,
Beth & Andy
Beth Scanzani & Andy Swindler
The True Purpose® Institute


March 3, 2021
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm CST
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