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Investor Deck

A succinct telling of the
FeelReal story and vision.

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Impact Business Plan

Based on established and proprietary research, our business plan details our path, purpose, impact, and ROI.

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All Files

For your convenience, download all these investor documents as a single ZIP file.

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Pilot & Press: BIPOC Circles

Aaron Gilchrist from NBC4 Washington highlights FeelReal co-founders Dena Wiggins & Ryan Bell in a segment about the increasing importance of intentional spaces for community building and social-emotional wellness.

Investors & Advisors

FeelReal's success depends on the diversity and mutual trust of our invested network. We take each step together with care to include people who share our values and vision. We make space for each new light to shine as every contribution becomes an essential piece of the FeelReal story.


Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Based on 120 participant surveys.
"Above 80 is world class."
—Creators of NPS, Bain & Company

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